Father Constantin Voicescu and Father Justin Parvu: Communism and the Stolen Revolution in Romania

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Father Constantin Voicescu, the esteemed spiritual figure and confessor who endured the communist prisons, passed away on the day of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in 1997. Known as the beloved spiritual guide of the people of Bucharest, he provided profound spiritual nourishment through his sermons and testimonies from the communist prisons. His teachings kindled the joy of living in Christ among numerous truth-seeking and faith-thirsty young individuals who had been deprived of these virtues during the years of the communist regime.

Allow me to share a few clandestine testimonies regarding communism and the so-called democracy, as recounted by Father Constantin Catana, who had a close relationship with Father Constantin Voicescu at Văratec Monastery.

I had the privilege of knowing Father Constantin Voicescu, a martyr for the cause of the Cross, who fearlessly stood up against the dictatorship and hidden forces during that dark era when oppressive institutions relentlessly sought to undermine human dignity, freedom, and individuality. He possessed unwavering integrity and virtuousness, coupled with a fervent and lively spirit akin to that of a missionary patriot. Father Constantin firmly believed that the truth, in the name of God and a liberated world, must be proclaimed with confidence. He was convinced that personal testimonies, like his own and those of numerous incarcerated individuals, would ultimately conquer evil. Thus, he intertwined his own destiny with that of his nation. Despite enduring immense hardships, he recognized that those who embrace the truth often endure great suffering.

Let us unseal the painful memories

During our walks along the winding paths of Varatic Monastery, Father Constantin Voicescu would say to me, „My brother, you must know that the fall of communism in both Central and Eastern Europe will somehow help us, those who were silenced, those who have remained, to unlock the painful memories caused by the limitless repression imposed by the communist authorities. This nation also needs to know precisely the real reasons why so many intellectuals and people of good faith were imprisoned, so that corrupt and doubtful words do not cloud your hearts, leading you astray in ignorance.

Although you have access to various sources of information, I do not know if you can truly imagine the agony, the cold, the hunger, the fear, the sleeplessness, the loneliness, the filth, and all the injustice within the realm of the prison walls!

Fr Constantin Voicescu on Fr Justin Parvu

As we made our way to the cemetery, I asked him, „Where else have you been in the past few days?”

Well, I spent two days at Petru-Vodă Monastery with all these spiritual children. Because every time I come to Varatic Monastery, I go to see Father Justin Pârvu for his blessing, so that I may have a more enriched spiritual life, and I have verified certainty that after meeting with Father Justin, I truly feel well. This Father is a great ascetic, my brother, and he serves almost daily, faithfully observing the church rituals for the Glory of God and the benefit of the faithful. I saw many, many people waiting to speak with His Holiness; it is truly impressive how much he does at this new monastery. It is a laborious and unpredictable work. What I have seen and realized is that for Father Justin, inner monasticism is essential to His Holiness, not just the external practices devoid of spiritual fruits. And he is right! Can’t you see, your holiness, that many of those who serve at the altar are more like public servant than celebrants of the Divine Liturgy! Without fully understanding the meaning of his words, I asked him, “What do you mean by functionary and not celebrant?” He replied, “Well, my dear brother, what can I say? It’s just the way it is!”

We have borne the pain for the cause of a pure Romania and a bright future that encompasses all Romanians

Today, beyond serving, some of the clergy wish to have another job. After 1990, many doors opened for various activities that are not necessary for a priest. Meanwhile, we are in great need of God’s messengers, of spiritual testimonies, and of the grace-filled connection, so that all the ugliness and evil in the world may diminish. Only then will we all, from the bishop to the humblest person, be freed from the toil and burden of empty glory and from those who enact ugly and crooked laws.

And I want to tell you that Father Justin and I know what we have been through. He, to a greater extent, and I, to a lesser extent, have suffered alongside those imprisoned, the concrete reality of pain, endurance, and humiliation. No one can express it better than us and others like us. We can speak to today’s generation about the filth and bestiality in the prisons – we who have suffered for a clean Romania and a bright future for all Romanians.’

The Stolen Revolution and Some Prophecies

…the Romanian people, this country, which countless individuals risked losing everything, even their lives, will struggle to emerge from the general crisis it finds itself in. The Revolution of December 1989 was a stolen revolution, filled with blatant disinformation and lies, intended to deceive public opinion and maintain power. Some left, and others came, with bold actions and insane propaganda. That is why the country and the people will remain as they were, with all the inner turmoil and uncertainty.

I am not enthusiastic about the events of December 1989, but rather worried about what will come next. Considering that malicious propaganda will intensify even more, and the concern for the future will weigh heavily on many souls, the young people of the country will leave without regret, seeking a better life and a freer expression elsewhere in the world. Thus, a desperate world will embark on the path of exile.

Father Catana, in this period we have entered, there will be many difficulties that the Romanian people will not withstand, no matter how much they defy danger in extreme situations. The stupid regime will follow its imposed agenda. And Father Justin, in our conversation three days ago, told me, „Father Voicescu, when we were in prison, we often spoke about the value of a person in terms of the worth of their soul. We poured out from the good treasury of our hearts, as we believed, compassionate love, devotion, and the spirit of sacrifice for the new generation of this country. Will those who come after us remember our sacrifice, our patience, our testimony of the truth, a true treasure that should dwell in their hearts?”

God reveals things and events that will happen to Father Justin

But you will see, Your Holiness, that the troubles, the needs, and the sorrows will tear the love for our people and our country from their hearts. And this is because those who love discord, the greedy, the dishonorable, and the impostors will settle upon their treasure and happiness. Shamelessly, they will extract praise from this unfortunate and condemned people every day, under various forms, with special surveillance, completely devoid of goodwill, understanding, and love. It is sad to say, but this is the truth.”

Looking at what Father Voicescu was telling me, he asked in amazement, „What do you not understand?” Well, don’t you see that many Romanians have become estranged from their country, as if it no longer belongs to them? And I believe, dear brother, that God reveals things and events to Father Justin. It is a great mystery with him! My dear brother, I know him from the prison, and I have witnessed his profound spiritual connection to this nation, which could not scream out its pain or conceal its joy.

Father Constantin Voicescu was a close companion of Father Justin, and whenever we met at the Holy Varatic Monastery during his free time, he would speak to me about the great spiritual father, Father Justin, as if he were a saint. He spoke of his salvific priesthood, his warm and fruitful ministry, his incomparable way of living, his toil and burden, his spiritual joys, his victories, and his sacrifices. However, Father Constantin Voicescu spoke less about his own suffering, even though he had a hypersensitivity to all that is ugly and evil in the world. From his sincere confessions to me, filled with humility and spiritual pain, I understood that for him, the spiritual battles brought about a renewal in his true love for Christian values.

And Father Voicescu would also tell me, „In this world, my dear brother, there is much sinning, but the world does not know or does not want to know that its sins hurt Jesus.”

(Translated from the Atitudini Magazine)


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